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Social media icons for individual contacts


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    skyflypapa started the conversation

    Hi and Happy New Year!

    How can I link to an individual contact's social media page on their bio page?

    For the bio page in the included link, you'll see that the LinkedIn social icon will only link to another team member's LinkedIn page.  Even though I've added the correct LinkedIn url in the provided field on the team member page, the icon link defaults to the url for another team member that I entered in LEVELUP > Social Media.  If I remove the url in LEVELUP > Social Media, no icons will display at all on any bio page.  I realize I can custom code this, but it seems there must be something I'm not understanding about how the theme handles this.  Thanks!

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    Amy Parker - support replied


    We have forwarded this issue to our developer team to add ability to implement custom links in social media shortcode in one of the future theme updates.


    LEVELUP Support