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MAMP import configs


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    I'm trying to get the import to work on my localhost. I'm not sure how to change those parameters within MAMP/ locally.  I'm using Bitnami MAMP Stack to test and develop before uploading it to a live server.

    Changing these parameters should be documented better. Which file needs to be ammended? I tried modifying default-constants.php but the page wouldn't load after tweaking the memory size limits as suggested. I never had a WP theme that required this kind of backend tweaking. Please help. THANKS!

    Your Parameters:

    First of all you need to check LEVELUP theme requirements before you start the installation process on your server:

    • WordPress 3.1 or higher (I'm using 4.8)
    • PHP 5.4 or higher (I'm using 5.6.23)
    • MySQL 5 or higher (I'm using 5.6.31)

    Also your server must meet the following recommended PHP configuration limits:

    • upload_max_filesize 32M
    • post_max_size 32M
    • max_execution_time 180
    • memory_limit 128M (currently 40MB)
    •  max_input_vars 5000 (currently 1000)
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    You need to check documentation for you local server software how to change web environment settings. Usually the mentioned PHP limits can be edited in php.ini file. For example, http://blog-en.mamp.info/2009/09/increase-php-memory-limit-with-mamp-pro.html