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Cart Drop-Down


  • mungermon started the conversation

    Hello! I'm using WooCommerce with LevelUp,

    In the LevelUp WooCommerce settings, I've activated both the "Header Shopping Cart" and "Header Shopping Cart Drop-Down" options.

    The drop-down cart works well when there are only a few items in the cart. 

    However, if there are enough items in the cart to push the bottom of the cart below the bottom of the browser window, there is no way to vertically scroll the cart drop-down to get to the bottom. This means that the "checkout" button that is usually at the bottom of the cart gets cut off and becomes inaccessible.

    I've attached a screen shot to show you what's happening.

  • [deleted] replied


    Please add this css code in LEVELUP > General Settings > Custom CSS code section:

    @media(min-width: 992px) {
        .rdy_minicart_wrapper {
            width: 287px;
            height: 500px;
            overflow-y: scroll;


  • mungermon replied

    Thank you! 

    Will this code persist when I upgrade to future versions of LEVELIP, or will I need to add it when there's an upgrade?

  • [deleted] replied


    This code will persist in the mentioned section of theme options even after you update the theme.