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Insert Slides into section of page


  • kellyclaus started the conversation

    I'd like to insert a slider into a section of my page, similar to the image slider half way down on this demo page: http://puzzlerbox.com/levelup/demo18/about/. However, I want to include text, images, tables, etc., not just pictures.

    I can't figure out how the slider module that comes with LevelUp works - or more, what it's designed to do. In your documentation, you guys talk about Slides as only a static homepage type thing. And there doesn't seem to be an option to insert a slider into a row... 

    Should I be using Revolution Slider or some other plugin for this? 

  • [deleted] replied


    On the mentioned demo page Revolution slider is used to insert slides in a row.

    As for the Slides in the theme - it's a custom post type which is used for "Slides" front page layout.