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WP backoffice crash after the installation of iso50 core extension


  • Lesinfiltres started the conversation


    I purchased your theme today. Thank you for the documentation, it is really helpful. I am facing right now two major problems :

    1. ISO50 core extension

    I followed all your advices, and when I installed the last extension iso50 core, the wordpress back office totally crashed. I am facing a white page with a HTTP ERROR 500.

    I delete the theme and try to install it another time, and everything goes wrong when I installed the extension. The WP Bakery is all fine but this one,impossible.


    My secound problem is that it is impossible for me to import the demo. The Iso Theme option is unavailable and nowhere to be found.

    Thanks in advance for your response. 

    Best regards

  • [deleted] replied


    Please provide us with WP Dashboard and FTP login credentials in private answer to check the issue.


  • Lesinfiltres replied

    Hello Amy, 

    Before sending you full access to the back office, could you explain me a solution to the problem ? 

    Maybe try to install and uninstall the extension or the theme ? If there is no solutions, I will give you the access but it annoys me a little bit to give you my private infos. 

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