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Wp bakery missing in latest ISO update


  • Eluvial started the conversation

    Hi guys, you have just released a new version of ISO50 but you haven't realized that at the same time WpBakeryPageBuilder has also released a new update. So, we cannot update that because it's included in the theme, and you didn't include it. Please amend your latest release as soon as possible.

  • [deleted] replied


    We released the update of the ISO50 theme with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin version 5.4.6 yesterday. As the plugin version 5.4.7 has been released today and it will be included in the theme package in the next update.


  • Eluvial replied

    Actually, they released WPBakery a few hours before you. But ok, I will wait.

    Also, please publish your changelog on Envato. Thank you

  • [deleted] replied

    You are welcome.