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    Hi guys great theme, please some help. I built the customisations on a temporary domain the site its now being redirected to www.afsusa.us the https:// loads fine but the logo its render blocked under several browsers, weird it only happens on the home page, on other pages the script seems to run fine. 

    Seems like something its flagging red under security in the SSL / https version. 

    the end user does not see him logo and its hard to explain him that its there just not loading because of the browser blah blah, you guy probably know better than me. 

    So how can i get the logo on the ssl/https:// site of www.afsusa.us to load properly please. I read something about auditing the script that way above my know how. Please help asap the production site its up and needed 

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    I checked your site in different browsers and don't see any issues with logo displaying (Firefox http://prntscr.com/ji2ghw , Safari https://prnt.sc/ji2fiq , Chrome http://prntscr.com/ji2haf ).