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Post Grid only shows 10 items when Display is set to 100


  • Peter Walberg started the conversation

    I have a new issue where all 3 of my posts grids on my site stop at 10 images even though the display is set to 100. My workaround is I can load the rest by using the Load More option and the Lazy Loading option.

    It was working fine for months, but now this issue has appeared. Here are the affected pages:




    Is this a known bug, or known conflict with something else?



  • [deleted] replied


    Please provide us with WP Dashboard login credentials in private answer to check the issue.


  • Peter Walberg replied

    Hi - thanks for the reply. Turns out it was the WPBakery Page Builder plugin 5.5.2 that had a flaw in the latest release:

    Yes, we have identified this as an issue in our recent updates and is already on our bug-fix list. A temporary work-around until then is to use lazy loading option in the grid setting.

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    Thanks for getting back to me all the same and offering help!


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    Thank you for this notification.

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