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  • webhousemx started the conversation

    I have moved everything around, maybe too much, where can I make the starting background of my menu header not to be transparent, I need it all white, like when its sticky header. Like I am ataching in the image. No matter what I change it starts up like transparent, then it becomes white when its sticky.


  • paulh101 replied

    I have the same issue and cannot figure out how to start with the header being a solid colour

  • webhousemx replied

    Hello Paul, seems support is a bit weak but I found out how, just uncheck the transparent title box in header area of the page and leave blank the area where it says: Header Background Appear After (N-px): blank, hope it works. 

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    Alexander - support replied


    Sorry for the late answer. Good that you solved this issue. If you have some questions about Theme write us.

    Best Regards

  • paulh101 replied

    Thanks, that solved the issue for me