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Top menu settings


  • healthathon started the conversation

    Hi Alex,

    the top menu when the home page loads has an orange background with menu items in white. can I fix that row as it is so that when a user scrolls all the content scrolls under the row? and can this be the same across all pages?


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    Alexander - support replied


    I'm not sure that I correctly understand what you need to do.


  • healthathon replied

    basically i want the entire top row i.e. the logo on the top left, the menu bar in the top center and the search box top right to remain on the top of the screen at all times with the same orange background and not change as we scroll the page... all content on the page should scroll up under this fixed top bar

    is this possible?

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    Alexander - support replied

    Try to remove value on this Header Background Appear After (N-px): setting on the page options.