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Logo Not Showing


  • BenediktBeuttler started the conversation

    Hello everyone,

    as you can see on the provided link prosodiya.de, the logo image in the upper left corner (top bar) is not showing. I added a screenshot of the way i added the logo to the website. In the backend it's via the levelup->Logo section. There is no information on how big the image can be, mine is 128x128px. It doesn't matter which image i use, it's always not visible or (if its too big) a dead reference.

    I am confused, what am I doing wrong?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Alexander - support replied


    The problem is your site works on https but image loading by http and browser block it.

    Try, remove it from options, then select again logo and save options.


  • BenediktBeuttler replied

    Thank you! What do you mean with "remove it from options"? What shall I remove from which option?

    Thanks again!

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    Alexander - support replied

    I mean "Upload You Logo" option, press "Remove" button under the image, and try to select image again.