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Low Resolution Carousel Image


  • scottieproctor92 started the conversation

    Hi guys,

    The images on my VIM homepage carousel are being displayed as low resolution for some reason. When I delivered the site to my client it was working properly, and then all of the sudden the images became blurry. This is the only location on the site where this problem is happening.

    I've double checked to ensure that the resolution of the images is large enough. I've also tried updating and deactivating all of the plugins to see if that's affecting anything. Lastly, I tried to reimport that page template from the demo imports. It seems to be affecting that design as well. 

    If you guys could take a look at this for me or point me in the right direction, that would be great. I'd be happy to send over login creds so you can take a peak under the hood. 

    Thanks for all of your help! 

    Scott Proctor

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    Alexander - support replied


    It looks like wp.com service do resize of the image "?resize=640%2C360", our theme doesn't apply resize for carousel images.



  • scottieproctor92 replied

    Thank you, Alexander! Do you know how I can remove the image resize tag so that the images display at the correct resolution?

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