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"Projects" configuration is broken


  • Eric started the conversation

    The "Projects" object configuration seems to be broken, or is very confusing to use. Creating new "projects" pulls up a blank that is ONLY editable as paragraph text, there is no option to use Gutenburg or even WP bakery layouts, which means adding slideshows, animations, etc is near-impossible.

    Although there are options to add custom fields, they do not initialize on page render and I have to assume they're broken as well.

    The existing "projects" that are included with the template would be fine to use if they can be repurposed, but they're a mess of shortcode, woo-commerce placeholder data, and text strings.

    As things are now, VIM is basically unusable as a project or porfolio template. I've spent more time trying to figure out how to manage the configuration than if I had made this from scratch using a vanilla WP installation.

    Is there ANY documentation on how to use the "Projects" objects? 

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    Alexander - support replied

    Hi, just enable WP bakery support for these sections. See the screenshot below.


  • Eric replied

    Thanks! Makes sense it should be something like that, I'll take a look.  Probs a good idea to put that in the documentation ;)