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Can't edit slides with visual composer..?


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    evertm started the conversation


    Thanks for this amazing theme!

    but i have a little problem.. its seems i can't update any slides with the visual composer, or add new ones here.. the visual composer edit button is not visible in the slides tab.

    I do have a lic for visual composers yes.

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    Daniël replied

    Hi evertm,

    I had the same problem. Solution is simple.

    Go into the Visual Composer settings. Select the Role Manager tab. If you use the Administrator role for editing, it will be the one which options are open. In the post-type drop-box select custom. Then put a check in rdy_project. Save and you will have the editor working on slides. There is also checkboxes for team etc. I don't know if the use editors but else same thing.

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    Daniël replied


  • [deleted] replied

    Hello Daniël,

    Thank you for sharing right solution of the issue with other LEVELUP users. 


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    evertm replied

    Awesome! Thanks Daniël, that was a quick and easy solution!